ABOUT US:  Jim & Pat Kool and family.  Owners of Northern Glories
   We are a family of eight.  Jim and I have been married for 38 years.  Our oldest daughter Elizabeth, who is 36, lives in Maine with her husband Eric and their son Johnathan.  Our oldest son Tony who is 32 joined the US Army in June of 2012 and is no longer helping us. He lives out-of-state and is married to Erica, and they have a daughter Lilana. He used to take most of our photos and also made most of our website.  With us here at home are Marie(30), Troy(28), Tonya(24), and Katie(22):  Pictures of each when they were younger are at the very bottom of this page.  They are/were all homeschooled. 
   Our whole adventure with dogs and dog breeding started shortly after I was diagnosed with a rare disease.  We stay home alot as a family due to this rare disease, and therefore, have lots of time to devote to our dogs and puppies.
   Our first dogs were Joe, Smokey (an Alaskan Malamute male that we used to use for breeding), Lady, and Baby.  At first we were just going to start a sled dog team because we were anticipating a move up to the Arctic area because of my rare disease.  Then, after so many litters were born, we fell in love with dog breeding.  It is thrilling to see each puppy grow up to make a fine pet for someone!  They each have their own individual personalities and looks!  Now, we as a family breed Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, and Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamutes, emphasizing the betterment of the genetic health and temperament of each breed.
    We will be the first ones to admit that some of our retired dogs do not have the best quality looks.  When we first began to add dogs and puppies to our group of dogs, we were only interested in quickly building up a sled dog team.  We didn't care what they looked like.  But, when we kept a puppy or bought a puppy or dog, we made a commitment to each that, unless they would be better off somewhere else, we would never get rid of them.  If we had it to do all over again, we would only have a small group of highly quality-looking AKC purebred Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Samoyeds.  So, we have alot of great dog friends who are each unique!
   We have been living in our current location since the middle of August, 2005!  We want to thank those folks that were responsible for us moving into our new home!  For months, our older kids had been saying that where we were living was too small.  But I kept saying that we did not have the finances to move.  It turned out that we were able to afford to move!  We are now living on a much larger piece of property!  Not only is our place much larger for the sake of all of our dogs, but, boy, our kids enjoying country living as well!  They lived in the city their whole lives.
   Our new location allows us to do the following: 
1.  Provide a larger area for all of our adult dogs.
2.  Provide a much larger and nicer area for each mother and her puppies.
3.  Allow us to keep the "pick" of any litter that we want and also buy any new lines that we want.  We had absolutely no extra room for expansion at our old property.
4.  Provide a place for our dogs to retire and stay with us.

Mom and puppies' houses.
     Our dogs live in groups.
One of our areas for our dogs that is currently under construction.

   This is where most of our Siberian
   Huskies live.  Do you see the boards
   angling in to keep Crystal in?
This is one shelter for rain and
storms as well as where the food
and water are kept.
      Our 29, 26, & 24 year olds built all of our new dog areas by themselves!

This is where Silver Star, Chaos, and Monster live.  Also, different groups of females rotate in and out of this area. When one female group goes into heat, they come out, and a different female group comes in.

There is royal Joe Kool ("Joe Cool"), our neutered black and white Alaskan Malamute /Siberian Husky, laying in the background.  He could get over and through every type of fence, including a 6 foot wooden fence and over a 4 foot chain-link fence with wires on top while being zapped by an underground electric fence.  We couldn't watch that for very long before we resorted to chaining Joe just like he was when we obtained him when he was 7 months old.  But, now we have an 8 foot wooden fence in many areas, and Joe could not get out and was able to be unchained 24 hours a day for the first time in his life until he passed away at 14 years old!  Joe thanks those folks who were responsible for our move!
Some of our Siberian Huskies.
Marie(when younger) & Joe(our first dog)
Tony(when younger)  & Cyclone
Tonya(when younger) & Baby.       And Katie(when younger) & Lady(our first female dog).
Lady & Baby came to us on the same day as our third and fourth dogs.  Baby is Lady's daughter.
Troy(when younger) & Blizzard